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A Targeted Approach Saves Your Prostate and Bladder Function

Don’t Lose Control of Your Bladder

While it is easy to think of the prostate as just a reproductive organ, it’s an important reminder of just how interconnected our anatomy is. A properly functioning prostate contributes to urinary function by relaxing its muscles that surround the urethra, allowing for a normal flow of urine.

When damaged, this prostate functionality can be stunted either way, causing spasms that prevent complete emptying of the bladder, or loosening control over the flow of urine to the point where leakage becomes an issue.

As with preserving the important nerve function in the prostate for erectile function, the key to preserving urinary function is the same – maintaining as much healthy prostate tissue as possible, while destroying all cancerous cells. This is exactly what HIFU offers. With the ability to target cancerous cells to areas as small as a grain of rice, HIFU treatment of prostate cancer leaves you with more healthy prostate tissue than other treatments, and thus, a better quality of life post-procedure.


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